Diagnostic Computers


Basic (Budget) Kit

Are you tired of your handheld Pro Link Graphic or Pro Link IQ software not able to do what you want? Then our Budget Diagnostic Kit may be just for you. It is priced to be competitive with the handheld diagnostic tools, yet give you the flexibility of using original equipment manufacturer software. Everything you need to get started is included, all the software is loaded and tested, and just like a handheld you have one place to go for service. However, unlike a handheld, you are using an industry standard PC that doesn't have to be sent back to the factory for a lengthy repair.

Our budget kit starts with a reliable notebook PC we have been selling for many years. It has a DuraFinish scratch-resistant finish, magnesium alloy support structure, metal alloy hinges, a spill-resistant keyboard, 3D DriveGuard shock absorption for hard drives, total test process, and panel protection system which protects the panel from keyboard scuffs.

Our standard interface device is the fastest, most reliable, and durable interface device on the market anywhere, even exceeding specifications for the U.S. military! If you are tired of using a different interface device for each software application, our interface devices work on all the listed software (except where noted), and come with a 36 inch "Y" cable for use on 9-pin and 6-pin diagnostic plugs.


Semi-Rugged Kit

Our semi-rugged kit starts with the Panasonic Toughbook CF-52 notebook computer. This kit is intended for the user who needs a PC that will withstand moderate abuse. In addition to the features described for the PC in the basic kit, this kit has a DVD Multi Drive and WiFi Draft-N, and a 15.4" widescreen LCD. Also included with the semi-rugged kit is the same Pelican™ Case and interface device described in the basic kit.


Rugged Kit

Whether you are out in the field or down in the dirt, the durable Panasonic Toughbook CF-30 is built to take a beating. This workhorse is encased in magnesium alloy, with durability designed into every seal, hinge and connector. Plus, as the industry's fastest fully-rugged mobile PC, it's built for lightening-quick processing and wireless connectivity. Communicate in real time from remote areas, access databases online and run sophisticated software applications even in the harshest environments. Also included with the rugged kit is the same Pelican™ Case and interface device described in the basic kit.


Our PC's come fully loaded with your choice of software. We offer a variety of software options. Go to our software page to see the many diagnostic software options we have available.

For more information about any of these diagnostic computers or to place an order you can contact us by email at sales@truckdiagnostics.com.

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